Sittings for the portrait should preferably be in your own home, as we can then consider:

  • What the sitter might wear.
  • Any colour scheme.
  • Any item, pet, or background you might want included.

Sittings are for photographs that I will use to create the portrait. I prefer to use photographs as it is more convenient for you, and I can play around with the shapes, colour, and lighting of the portrait. 


Prices can vary depending on how many people are included in the portrait, and how much background detail you may want. 

The price of the portrait does not include framing, although I am happy to discuss the framing and get it framed for you.

Allow for expenses if there is need for travel and accomodation.

Oil painting

30x30cm..............from £800 for head and shoulders portrait.

40x50cm..............from £1,200 - single person.

60x70cm..............from £1,800 - single person.

Other sizes on application.


30x30cm..............from £800 for single person.

Other sizes on application.


50% of cost should be paid as soon as commission is agreed. The remainder on completion.

Please allow up to 3 months for completion of the portrait, from initial sittings to framing.